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When it comes to Indoor Air Quality in Air Handling Units, various types of filters are available at different efficiency levels. These include Panel filters, Bag Filters, Active carbon filters, and HEPA filters.

Panel filters, which function as pre-filters, utilize synthetic or metallic materials classified as G2, G3, and G4.

Employing Bag Filters achieves highly efficient air filtration. The categorization of these filters includes classes G4, M5, M6, F7, and F8.

WHEPA Filters, known for their suitability in hygienic environments, are classified as H13 and H14 due to their exceptional high-efficiency filtration capabilities.

Cooling and heating coils

We offer a range of coil options, including Chilled Water, Direct Expansion, Hot Water, and Steam coils. We use computerized software to carry out the coil selection process and ensure optimal matching. Our Coils come in various configurations, including multiple rows deep with Aluminum fins and copper tubes

Additionally, we provide optional choices for anti-corrosive and copper fins. Each coil undergoes a thorough pressure test at 21 kg/cm2 under water. The assembly is equipped with a slide-type arrangement, allowing for easy withdrawal and maintenance, with the inclusion of MS or Copper headers located within the coil section.


COOL TECH Air Handling Units utilize optional electric heaters.

The heater casing is constructed with either Gl or stainless steel, equipped with an automatic reset limit, thermostat, and manual reset, with the latter being the standard configuration.

Motor & Fan

There are various fan types & sizes by the airflow & the total static pressure. Fans comply with International standards & have been statically & dynamically balanced.

Fans can be Forward curved, Backward curved, Airfoil blade, or Plug, depending on the intended use & the customer’s preference. Fan-motor should be selected considering high efficiency, low noise level & minimum energy consumption, depending on the airflow & total static pressure.

Fan-motor is connected to the unit with spring isolators & flexible connections to prevent vibration. V-belts & pulleys with taper bush are standard in our Air Handling Units while it is possible to use adjustable pulleys on request.

Several types of belts, including SPZ, SPA, SPB, and SPC, are readily accessible. A special mechanism tensions the belt. There is a service door with a lock on the fan section for service & maintenance purposes.

Direct Drive Plug Fans are used in hygienic applications. Standard motors used in the system have an IP55 degree of protection, efficiency class 1E2 (EFF1), and comply with CE norms. There is single-speed as standard & but double-speed motors are also available. A frequency converter can be provided for motor speed control.

EC fans, which are generally recognized as the latest innovation in energy-efficient air movement technology, are also available as an option, EC stands for Electronically Commutated means a fan with a brushless DC motor.