HEPA SET POWDER COATED (Factory Fabricated)

The walkable false ceiling-mounted terminal hooded filter box assembly comprises a mini pleat HEPA filter (H-14) and a HEPA filter. Both filters will undergo rigorous 100% factory testing using the Auto Scan Method to measure particle penetration. We will construct the base filter box using 12 swg (2.5mm thk) aluminum extruded sections and ensure proper powder coating. The HEPA filter design will accommodate a maximum velocity of 150 FPM with a pressure drop of less than 15 mm, featuring a gel-type sealing arrangement and a 16 swg SS-304 perforated sheet. The filter housing will include ports for differential pressure measurement, aerosol injection measurement, and provision for aerosol distribution assembly to ensure uniform distribution. The HEPA filter module will feature bottom-operable in-built extruded aluminum low-leakage aerofoil volume control dampers, which will be housed in a box and operated using a bevel gear arrangement. The filter will be of the bottom-loading type.