Modular OT

Our company offers top-notch precision-engineered Laminar Air Flow Units specifically designed for use in Operation Theaters. These units are crafted with utmost care to meet and exceed international quality standards, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability. We have specifically designed our Operation Theater Laminar Airflow ventilation systems to meet the requirements of modern orthopedic operating theaters. They effectively reduce the presence of infective organisms in the air, thereby minimizing the risk of postoperative wound infections. Maintaining a clean-air environment is crucial for surgical procedures such as Eye and Orthopedic surgery, as it helps prevent infections that can have severe consequences and legal implications. The operation theater laminar flow air filtration system is the most reliable solution available to ensure the air remains free from dust, fungi, and microorganisms.

Technical Specification

  • Cleanliness : Class 100&1000
  • Illumination: 750 - 800
  • Particle retention : 0.3 micron
  • Noise level : 60-65 decibels
  • Velocity : SOFPM + 20%
  • Standard: IS0-14664