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About Company

Climate Grip Private Limited

Climate Grip Private Limited is committed to deliver World Class High Efficiency Air Side Products & other HVAC Equipments. Since its establishment in 2001, Climate Grip has remarkably achieved a firm position as a premier Air Handler Manufacturer in North India. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company which is operational with 2 factories covering 25,000 sq. ft. State of the Art manufacturing facility in Punjab (India).
Over the years we have diversified from Manufacturing of Air Side products into a complete Clean Room turnkey
solution provider. Today our capabilities include in-house designing, engineering, construction manufacturing for critical vital elements that go into setting up of aspeciality manufacturing facility.

Air Handling Units

Climate Grip takes every care to ensure the Air Handling Units you choose are optimized for your purposes, producing detailed drawing. & technical specifications to illustrate exactly how the units will fit into your chosen application. More importantly, Climate Grip will provide you with the complete solution, utilizing the latest technologies & software to deliver superior Air Handling Unit. Climate Grip Air Handling Units are manufactured in 30 different models ranging 500 CFM to 50,000 CFM The Double Skin Air Handling, as the name suggests has an outer casing made of sandwiched panels, resulting in noise, sturdy Construction & better thermal insulation. The panels are pressure injected with polyurethane foam, using CFC free R-141 b blowing agent. High & uniform PUF density 0 40kg/m3 (k-0.02w/mc) provides better thermal conductivity & sound attenuation properties.


Double skin panel construction allows easy inspection, cleaning & maintenance of the smooth inner surface, reducing the risk of dirt & bacteria accumulation. There is no erosion of internal insulation material to contaminate the air stream. Improved Panel frame arrangement by overlapping wedge & special gasket reduces air leaks into the casing significantly. This maintains the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & also provides better thermal & acoustic performance.


Usage of double skin casing, imported AMC-certified fans, anti-vibration spring isolators, which isolated the fan from the main structure thus minimizing vibration & results in low operation noise.